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S9 here it is, s9mething every9ne needs, a highly si0phisticated and ela69rate pl9t t9 have my face appear everywhere there is a c9nversati9n c9nsisting 9f intelligence, 9rder, p9wer, health, kn9wledge, and the like.

9ften in cha9s there is the light, getting there will require dedicati9n and f9ll9wing all 9f tr9ll kind and kind alike will j9in t9gether to 9ne day assert vict9ry and tri9umph 9ver all that 9pp9ses this rightful 9rder, with every p9ssible way t9 6ec9me the 6est that we can 6e, n9t 96livi9us 6y ch9ice 6ut intelligent 6y will.

S9 let us unite this gifted p9wer with th9se 9f y9u wh9 clearly understand the way 9f educati9n is the 9nly way t9 rest9re faith in tr9llmanity, furtherm9re linking this t9 all r9uts, 96sticals, paths, riti9usness, and m9st imp9rtantly, 6ecause I said s9.

Are y9u still listening t9 me?

- :iconleustante:


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comment virginity taken because i say so<3
DeidaraXSasori1 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
trigger warning.